Let-green alcohol wipes kill 99.9% of all surface bacteria, used for cleaning hands and feet, cleaning office tools, kitchen items, children's toys, phones, computers, handbags, makeup tools, shoes ... help bring a feeling of cleanliness, refreshment, ...

Ingredient: Non-woven fabric, Food alcohol, Purified water R.O
Specification: 160*230 mm/miếng, 35 miếng/bao, 60 bao/thùng
  • 35 pcs/pack
  • 60 packs/carton
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LET-GREEN Alcohol Wet Wipes 35 PCS


– Alcohol 75 degrees kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, wipe bacteria on all surfaces.

– With a special formula, Let-green alcohol wipes are not only capable of killing 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria and viruses but are also safe for the skin.

– Use Let-Green alcohol wet wipes to wipe hands, similar to dry hand sanitizer solution, wipe without rinsing with water.

– Cleaning office tools, kitchen items, children’s toys, handles, phones, computers, bags, makeup, shoes…helps bring a feeling of cleanliness and refreshment.

– Let-green alcohol wipes can be used to disinfect: bowls, chopsticks, spoons… when eating out to ensure hygiene.

– No Paraben-based preservatives

– No fluorescent substances in the fabric, safe for the skin.



– The product is designed to be compact, convenient to put in a pocket when going out (going out, traveling, …) can be safely carried, put in a small handbag or backpack when needed.

Ingredients: Non-woven fabric, Food alcohol, RO purified water,  Benzalkonium Chloride, Polyaminopropyl Biguanide, Citric Acid.


– Open

– Pull out alcohol wipes enough to use. Don’t waste.

– Stick decal to seal pack immediately after use to avoid bacterial infection and evaporated alcohol


– Avoid direct contact with eyes and mouth.

– Do not use to wipe small babies, because alcohol-based wet wipes can irritate delicate babies’ skin.

– The product does not dissolve in water, after use, please do not put it in the toilet.

– Close the lid immediately after use to avoid alcohol flying, affecting the bactericidal quality of wet wipes.

– Store in a cool place and avoid direct light.

Manufacturing date: Printed on the packaging.
Expiry date: 3 years from the date of manufacture

Specification: 160*230 mm/piece, 35 pieces/pack, 60 packs/carton.